so happy to be home....

I am back in Anchorage.... not quite sure if my feet have found the ground yet... they are floating down slowly back home and settling in.   School was incredibly amazing and really hard at the same time.  SO fulfilling to work and to live and learn the medicine of five element acupuncture daily!   I am grateful to be finished with school, working toward completing my national board exams so I can get licensed to practice soon!   Until then, I will be working at head to toe holistic healthcare doing medical massage where I can bill insurance as well as at body mechanics.  

The old laughing bones is still here... and still giggling... but to make room for new growth we are inviting in the playful bluebirds...  healing begins with the balancing of body, mind and spirit...   at Bluebird Healing Arts.  

much love, 


bluebirds group.jpg